Hey, my name’s Nazma, and welcome to my blog. Nazma Knows.

So…what do I know then? Well, the idea for this blog came about because I go to quite a few events in Manchester, from music shows, to art exhibitions, to festivals and fun days out. A lot of things I go to on my own, and when I tell people about stuff afterwards they’re sometimes gutted that they missed out and say to me “how do you find out about these things?”. So this is a place where I can share all the cool things I’m planning to attend and write reviews after.

Nazma Knows:

  • Manchester’s Museums and Art Galleries
  • Manchester’s Restaurants
  • Festivals, Carnivals and Parades
  • Fun things to do with your friends
  • Fun things to do with family
  • Fun things to do on your own


About Me

I’m a 30-something British Asian woman, I work in digital marketing and I LOVE Manchester. I’ve lived here my whole life and don’t see myself anywhere else.

I’m a bit of a veteran blogger, I started blogging way back in 2004 – yep you read that right 2004, way before blogging became popular! My first blog was basically a diary of my time at university, falling in and out of love. I closed it down in 2007 as it was waaaaay too personal to have all over the internet.

My second blog was about Asian Fashion, it started as an SEO experiment in 2007 to see if I could get to #1 in Google for “Asian Fashion” (yep, I did!). I slowly cut back on updating Asian Fashion Blog around 2015/2016 and have mostly been out of the blogging game since then.

Let’s see how this goes!


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  1. Nazma salaams, thank you for the advice on your page really appreciated. I usually come to Manchester on corporate business day trips and this time come with family for a week. Your breakfast suggestions are fantastic, I will feedback afterwards.

    By the way are you Bangladeshi? Doesn’t matter just a thought.

    Kind regards

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