Manchester Science Festival 2018

Manchester Science Festival

The Manchester Science Festival is a fab series of events which takes place from Thursday 18th October to Sunday 28th October. Over the last 3 years I’ve attended at least one of the events and I’m actually a bit gutted that I’m going to be away for the main events this year.

But for anyone that’s thinking of going, here’s a look at what you can expect.

Family friendly events

The festival runs through October half term so as you can imagine, there’s lots aimed at families and children of all ages.

Grown up events

It’s not just for the kids though, there are lots of events aimed specifically at grown up audiences, including talks, science themed nights out, film screenings. This year they’ve even published a list of events perfect for a date night.

The featured image above is from the “After School Science Club” event at the 2016 Science Festival. I got called up on stage to demonstrate how heavy this container of mercury was! (Photo credit: Robie Basak)

The one event I will be attending this year is this comedy show – Bright Club: The Big One.

Collaborations with other disciplines

The theme of the festival is science, but you may be surprised to see events which mix science with other disciplines like fashion, history, music and sport. Here’s just a few of these:

Venues all across the city

A lot of the events take place at the type of sciencey places you’d expect, like the Museum of Science and Industry, but there’s also events taking place at music venues, at Manchester’s indoor ski slope Chill Factore, Art Galleries, shopping centres, and at local libraries too.

Free Events

There’s a mixture of paid events and free events, and quite often you’ll need to book in advance for both. The popular events do sell out, so I’d advise you book in advance rather than chance it.

For more info, check out the Manchester Science Festival website.

Here’s a selfie I took at the Tape Exhibition from last year’s Science Festival.

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