Bee In the City Manchester

This month I’ve been on the hunt for some Manchester Bees!

“Bee in the City” launched last month on the 23rd July and this Art Trail features over 100 “Big Bee” sculptures placed across the city, with the lots of “Little Bees” too.

Each Bee has been decorated by a different artist (most of them from Manchester I believe) and they have some awesome bumblebee themed names.

Loving all the bees I’ve seen so far! This one is called USBee #Beeinthecity

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I’ve been snapping pics of these as and when I’ve found them on my general travels around the city centre, but last week I took the plunge and downloaded the official Bee In The City App (cost: £1.99) and now I’ve stepped up my bee-hunting game. Each Bee has a unique code, which you can enter into the app to track how many you’ve found, and also you get rewards – like discounts on shops, free coffee or whatever.

But rewards aside, it’s just fun! My current total is 80 Bees and I’ve really enjoyed finding them, I’ve been out with my nephews and nieces to find them, we’ve done Bee selfies. It’s also been nice to talk to the other Bee-hunters on the trail, turns out Bee-hunting can beeeeee rather sociable 🙂

Here are my fave Bee names!

  • I Wanna Bee Adored
  • Agnes Bee-den Powell
  • USBee
  • Buzzwig van Bee-thovan
  • Pablo Bee-Casso
  • The BeeHolder
  • To Bee or not to Bee

You can pick up a physical Map from local libraries, if the app isn’t your thing, and the Bees will be around until 23rd September. Find out more over on the Bee In The City website.